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The Hamiltones Reintroduce Themselves As The Ton3s With ‘Better’

After years of making a name for themselves as The Hamiltones, the trio recently reintroduced themselves as The Ton3s.

After years of making a name for themselves as Anthony Hamilton‘s crowd-pleasing backup vocalists known as The Hamiltones, the Grammy-nominated viral R&B/Soul trio recently reintroduced themselves to the world as simply The Ton3s. With a brand new single titled “Better“.

In life there are a lot of things you can want, but in love, there’s only one common thread when you know it’s real. You just want to ‘get to know’ that person, better and better, everyday.” – The Ton3s on their new single, “Better”.
Stream/purchase “Better” here.

Expect to hear and see much more from The Ton3s and their fresh, new style soon.

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