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Jonathan Singletary Returns With New EP 2AM In LA

Jonathan Singletary, the gifted singer-songwriter, returns after three years with his latest EP, “2AM in LA,” following the success of his 2020 release, “5AM in Brooklyn.” This new project marks a significant milestone in Singletary’s life, as he embraces the roles of husband and father while embarking on a new chapter in Los Angeles. “2AM in LA” showcases Jonathan’s artistic evolution and highlights his mission to foster connection, love, and inner peace through his music.

“5AM in Brooklyn” presented Jonathan’s talents through an improvisational piano project that reflected his vulnerability and artistry. Since then, Jonathan’s life has undergone remarkable changes. As a newlywed and father, his experiences have shaped his perspective, fueling the creation of “2AM in LA.” This EP provides listeners with a glimpse into Jonathan’s growth as an artist and musician, capturing his personal and musical evolution.

Jonathan Singletary’s music carries a powerful message of unity and understanding. His intention is to alleviate feelings of loneliness, impart a sense of love, and enable listeners to find solace in their individual paths to connect with God.  Singletary seeks to create a shared experience that resonates with his audience, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles or joys.

“2AM in LA” serves as a conduit for Jonathan Singletary’s artistic expression and spiritual exploration. Each track invites listeners into his world, allowing them to witness his introspection, growth, and the profound connection he seeks to foster. With contemplative piano compositions, the EP showcases Singletary’s versatility and his ability to evoke a range of emotions.

Singletary’s desire for his music to touch hearts and uplift spirits remains at the core of “2AM in LA,” and his honest and vulnerable approach invites listeners to embrace their own vulnerabilities.

2AM in LA is available on streaming platforms.

2AM in LA Track listing

  1. may I
  2. restless
  3. all of it
  4. complicated
  5. release



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